Friday, March 11, 2011

SecuROM DRM Found in PC Version of Dragon Age 2

Dtoid, via Vivid Gamer, is reporting that EA has snuck it's dreaded DRM program into the PC version even though it has said previously that it would not. EA could also see itself in some legal trouble as a court order said that they would have to disclose ahead of time if they would be enclosing a DRM into their product.

The "gamer's rights consumer advocate group," Reclaim Your Game, is currently in the process of informing their subscribers of this action. It has also raised the following concerns;

* Inconsistent information about DRM
* No EULA for SecuROM
* SecuROM files hidden from user
* SecuROM files not removed after online activation
* DRM removal tool not included; SecuROM remains even after user uninstalls game

You can read the full document of complaints & concerns here (.pdf) or here (site).

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