Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Skullgirls Patch Revision

Mike Z has released details about a revision of the patch that was submitted to Konami a couple weeks ago.

The changes are as follows:

  • Filia – dashcancel on airballs hit or whiff.
  • Fortune – can supercancel the overhead of her Rekkas.
  • Parasoul – can call RC soldier to cancel out of her Lv3.
  • Double – hold Back during startup of Car to come out from the other side of the screen. Also Furoboros back to 1/6 meter gain (up from 0), and s.MK-2nd frame data restored (1f slower than it is now, rather than 5f slower).
  • Peacock – can supercancel teleport recovery anytime, even before she’s vulnerable, not from fake teleports; can cancel Georges into each other as soon as the bomb is created, like Parasoul’s tear toss; Peacock’s recovery after putting out Lenny is 5f faster.
  • Cerebella – longer supercancel time on j.D+MP; can cancel Ultimate Showstopper into DP+MP right before the last hit, sacrificing damage but allowing combos, scales followup damage to 33%.
  • Valentine – allow movement and actions after air scalpel super.
  • Painwheel – can fly-cancel scythe grabs on hit. Scythe hitboxes adjusted, air versions and ground LK version will grab from closer.

A new video has also been released displaying the updated patch.

Watch live video from themixup on TwitchTV

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